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G3 Summit ST​L

Our G3 Conference Blog

An ongoing series of informational annual entries capturing the essence of each year's conference

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 3-4, 2021

2021 was truly a demonstration of God's Grace!  Not only were the participants battling Covid 19 challenges and more, the visionary attempted to abort the process!  But GOD!!  We came.  We conquered.  Our  theme:  Graced for the race in word, worship and witness provided the perfect backdrop to our gathering.  God pruned the vine!  He wanted all of our attention on Him. Our scripture came from 2 Corinthians 12:9.    As the pandemic continued, we cautiously and creatively made our way up the mountaintop.  Our sacred space, via zoom year two, gave us the traction we needed to slay the giants!  God blessed us to once again have the victory. With God, we always win!! Once again, women throughout the United States joined us for this awesome digitized worship. It was a reminder that indeed when we are weak, God is strong within us! Our theme Song was "GRACE." ~sang by Charles Jenkins. Pastor Kacies Starr Long took home the covenanted G3 Compassionate Care Award; while our very own Jamese Regans received the honor of the G3 CARETEAM Award. Our timeframes were adjusted to accommodate being in our homes. Our speakers were: Apostle Dr. Tonya Stewart, Pastor Dianna Cole, Prophetess LaMonica McClish, Apostle Char Nixon, Apostle Elaine Woodson; while our worship leaders were: Gwendolyn Sanders, Nikeisha White, & Missionary Mother Bobbie Kates.  Christian comedian Vickie Calmese (AKA Mz. Vickie of Healthlarious) created the comic relief to kickstart our Day 2 thrills. Prize winners were elated.  Finally, we experienced our first 'LIVE' Watch Party in Aurora, CO, spearheaded by Rev. Kathi Dean-Lee and Sista Deborah Rodgers.  Check out the images in our G3 Gallery!

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 4-5, 2020

2020 was an interesting year! Our focus was improved as we deepened our faith in God. God desired our full attention, and He got it through the Covid19 pandemic!  After Jamming With Jesus for several weeks, A Divine Face To Face Encounter With God became our theme and war cry.  God wants to heal you, is what He said to tell the women.  Our scripture was Genesis 32:22-32.  Due to the pandemic, we took our onsite mountain trek off site to the online platform Zoom.  Though we were operating in unfamiliar territory, God blessed us to once again have the victory.  With God, we always win!!  Women throughout the United States joined us for this awesome inaugural computerized worship.  It was a reminder that Faith over fear wins every time! Our theme Song was "God Wants to Heal You."  ~Earnest Pugh.  Ameilia Hill took home the covenanted G3 Compassionate Care Award; while our very own Karen S. Smith received the honor of the G3 CARETEAM Award.  Our timeframes were adjusted to accommodate being in our homes.  Our speakers were:  Pastor Dianna Cole, Prophetess LaMonica mcClish, Apostle Char Nixon, Apostle Elaine Woodson; while our worship leaders were:  Quynetta Sanders, Nikeisha White, TaWanda Schultz & Gwendolyn Petty.  Christian comedian Vickie Calmese (AKA Mz. Vickie of Healthlarious) created the comic relief during our intermission.  The G3 first ever zoom conference concluded with glowing reports to the delight of a vast majority of attendees, God did it AGAIN!

Our Second Blog Entry

December 6-7, 2019

An explosive experience with the Great Physician was the spiritual focus for year two, 2019.  Our theme:  A Well Woman's Exam:  Deliverance, Healing and Restoration  based on John 4:1-42.  God's message to us was His desire that we live Transparent and Transformed Lives EVERY day!  The theme song was Bridgette Hurt's, "My Liberty."  Washington Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church was once again the host church.  We implemented small break out sessions this year to allow for more intimate conversations after the G3 speakers shared.   Our box lunches were catered by Russo's Catering.   Our recipients of the G3 CareTeam and G3 Compassionate Care Awards, respectively, were Dr. Margaret Barton-Burke  and Fierce Love and Soul Etsy Entrepreneur Debra Ware.  Once again we were wowed by the women who brought the Word.  Our speakers included Rev. Laurie Anzalotti, Apostle Dr. Elaine Woodson, Pastor Doanita Simmons, KWOG Rochinda Pickens and Charlotte Wafer- the last two hailing from  Kansas City, MO.  Alison Cole graced us with psalms as she worshipped with the guitar.  Nikeisha White, provided the vocals as our staple praise and worshipper.  Christian comedian Vickie Calmese (AKA Mz. Vickie of Healthlarious) created the comic relief over lunch.  The captives were indeed set free!  We send a huge shout out to Minister Pandora Shepherd and Cheryl Ballard for their gifted hands and gift baskets.  This year, we hired Deacon Mitchell Hunter to provide photography on the spot to capture the moments.  G3 2019 was wrought with many visual demonstrations to reinforce God's ability to bring us out of whatever situations we are in.  Won't He do it?  Yes, He will!

Our First Blog Entry

November 30-December 1, 2018

Following attending the Kept Woman Of God (KWOG) women's conference by Rochinda Pickens, in Kansas City, MO, G3 was birthed.  God downloaded EVERYTHING concerning His desire within that weekend.  The inaugural G3 conference was entitled: A Mountain Top Experience With the Great Physician:  He speaks.  We listen.  The scriptural foundation was Exodus 34.  The G3 anthem became Jason nelson's "Anyting Can Happen In Here," while our theme song was "God's On Your Side," by the Mississippi Mass Choir.  Washington Tabernacle was the host church.  Pastor Robert E. McClish, II shared words of welcome and encouragement to the attendees.  We established two awards in honor of Dr. Margaret Barton-Burke (G3 COMPASSIONATE CARE AWARD Colossians 3:12) and the late Nurse Donna Clark (G3 CARETEAM Award 2 Corinthians 9:11 & Proverbs 11:25).  The first recipients were:  Donna, herself, and Dr. Timica Emerson, respectively.  Our hot lunch was prepared by personal caterer, Sista Sandra Ford.  The spouses of the speakers and organizers provided the onsite  security and manpower.  We had over 125 attendees who worshipped and witnessed unto the Lord and His power.  Our inaugural speakers were:  Pastor Kacie Starr Long, Pastor Rosemary Jackson Moore, Evangelist Paula A. Moller, Apostle Tonya Stewart, Pastor Clarice Howard, and Apostle Dr. Elaine Woodson.  Our praise and worship team consisted of Leah Joelle Hawkins and Nikeisha White. Christian comedian Vickie Calmese (AKA Mz. Vickie of Healthlarious) created the comic relief during our lunch.  Vendors made for a glorious time of shopping.  Matice A, Morris, the visionary's daughter,  was the in-house photographer.  Like Moses, we were glowing as we went about to take the Word to witness to others.